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Japan Information

 Japan is an island country in East Asia.

total area: 377,812 sq km 
extension: approx. 3000 km 
islands: roughly 7000
latitudes: 20°25'N to 45°33', 35°40' in Tokyo
comparative area: slightly smaller than California


Since Japan extends a long distance from south to north, it varies from subtropical to subarctic. Average temparature in Tokyo is 5.2 °C in January while 27.1 °C in August.
Seasonal conditions (in Tokyo area):

  • sometimes snow in winter
  • mild in spring
  • rainy in June to July (baiu)
  • humid and hot in summer 
  • typhoon in Septemer to October
  • cool in autumnPopulation: 

    125,034 thousands (Oct. 1994)

    Life expectancy at birth: 

    total population: 79.31 years 
    male: 76.47 years 
    female: 82.28 years (1994 est.)


    yen (¥)