MISSION VISION 2023-03-15T07:30:04+00:00
  • To make students familiar with the education system of countries around the world especially Japan .
  • To provide needy students a better platform and sound environment for further studies.
  • Co-coordinating with students and associated educational   institutes for maximum eradication of obstacles and problems during student life
  • To familiarize with the teaching-learning culture and other basic information about global education system to the interested individuals through a conference, seminar or orientation program.
  • Applying efficient teaching techniques in classes for the personality development and to meet the required language standard.
  • To promote community welfare activities and generate civilized and responsible citizens with the help quality education and cross-culture study approach.
  • Promoting Nation’s traditional cultures and creating the awareness on the importance of culture.
  • Last but not the least to provide students proper accommodation facility during their stay of educational period.